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Published on August 9, 2006 By Rightwinger In Misc
Lindsay Lohan has figured out what she wants to be when she grows up: A sex kitten and a pinup. Just like Marilyn Monroe.

Lohan makes this breathless confession in the September issue of Elle magazine. The subject came up when the Hollywood party girl was asked if she had any big plans for the coming year. She said she wants to emulate Marilyn Monroe and visit the troops in Iraq with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton--even though it's not clear the senator even wants Lohan to accompany her. "I've been trying to go to Iraq with Hillary Clinton for so long," Lohan told Elle. "Hillary was trying to work it out, but it seemed too dangerous." Philippe Reines, a spokesman for Sen. Clinton, told reporters that it was only "suggested to [Lohan] that if she wanted to go, she could pursue doing so through the USO."

Why does Lohan want to go to Iraq? "I wanted to do what Marilyn Monroe did, when she went and just set up a stage and did a concert for the troops all by herself," Lohan told Elle. "It's so amazing seeing that one woman just going somewhere, this beautiful sex kitten, who's basically a pinup, which is what I've always aspired to be." Monroe, who was a favorite pinup girl in the '50s, entertained more than 100,000 American troops in Korea. Isn't Lohan afraid of going to Iraq? "I'm not afraid of going," she told Elle. "My security guard is going to take me to a gun range when I get back to L.A., and I'm going to start taking shooting lessons. He says if I'm going to go there I should really know how to shoot. Yeah, I have a dark side. I watched all those videos on Charles Manson for a while." Maybe she should just join the Army!

"I'm not having sex for a year. I'll kiss, but nothing else," Paris Hilton told the British edition of GQ. She also confessed this deeply personal fact: She denied she leads a promiscuous life, insisting she has only ever had sex with two men. Oh yeah, one more thing. Paris says she's shy. Very, very shy.

Paris Hilton said that? The same Paris who is the heiress to the Hilton Hotels? The same Paris who rose to international fame in 2003 when former boyfriend Rick Solomon released a raunchy sex tape of the couple? Yeah, THAT Paris Hilton. And, by the way, she says she has never received any money from that infamous tape. "I never received a dime from it," Paris told GQ. "It's just dirty money, and he [Solomon] should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something."

Paris has never been known for her intelligence. When the GQ reporter asked her about British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Paris said, "Who? Oh, yeah, he's like your president. I don't know what he looks like." But you have to give her credit for being honest. Paris "works" by showing up at parties and other events and then collecting $500,000 in fees. She said the best-paying event was in Austria where she got twice her usual fee. "I had to say 'hi' and tell them why I loved Austria so much," she told GQ. And why does she like Austria? "Because they pay me $1 million to wave at crowds!"

on Aug 09, 2006
Is it just me, or our celebrities getting stupider and shallower as time goes on?
on Aug 09, 2006
And the saddest thing is that little girls are buying Paris Hilton perfume and halloween costumes. She's their role model. How pathetic is that.
on Aug 09, 2006
Paris Hilton perfume

Now, this stuff I like. I bought my wife some for Christmas, and it's just about gone now. More for her birthday this year, I think.

She's their role model. How pathetic is that.

It's only pathetic if you want to have goals and work toward some type of acheivement before you die. But then, if you're emulating Paris Hilton, you wouldn't have to worry about any real goals and acheivements. But then, you COULD emulate Lindsay Lohan, who aspires to be a sex kitten and pinup. Talk about lofty dreams, eh!
on Aug 09, 2006
I actually think the perfume smells good but I couldn't bring myself to buy something with her name on it.
on Aug 10, 2006
I actually think the perfume smells good but I couldn't bring myself to buy something with her name on it.

Well, it isn't like she actually did anything other than to give her name to it. It's not like she went out and picked out the combination of scents used to create the whole thing.
Other people did that, real people with real lives and real jobs, and probably supporting families whose last names aren't "Hilton", and so who need the money. Besides, my wife loves it, and she's kinda hard to buy for, so it gives me one more thing to choose from.

I loved the whole thing about Lindsay wanting to go to Iraq with Hillary. I mean, it's cool that she wants to do go and entertain the troops, but her reasons kind of amused me.
She only wants to go because it's what Marylin Monroe did, and she wants to be like her? Let's be just like Marylin Monroe, who was an emotionally unstable, needy trainwreck who was used and abused over and over by powerful men, then tossed aside like trash. She was never able to find true love and happiness in life, and then killed herself, purposely or not, at the age of 36. Yeah, I wanna be just like that.
The Hillary thing reminds me of an older neighbor I had when I was a kid. I thought he was just so cool, and always wanted to go everywhere with him. He'd always blow me off or duck out without me seeing him.
And her dark side.....look out, man! She watched all the videos about Charles Manson....wow...she's a freak.....!