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We're getting one, too
Published on March 30, 2006 By Rightwinger In Misc
Weirton, WV, the home of the first Wal-Mart in this area, is supposed to be coming into its own, Wal-Mart wise, with the (rumored) construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter on the grounds of the old Weirton Steel Corp. General Offices (or the G.O., as it's called here) out on Three Springs Drive.
Why we need another WM Supercenter is beyond me. Weirton already has the one Wal-Mart and, right across the river in Steubenville, OH is a large Supercenter, just about three or four years old. Oh, well.

Ever noticed that when a new Super Wally World opens anywhere at all, it's always the "biggest one in the country"?No matter what hicky, Rubesville cowtown they build in, it's always the biggest one. I have to wonder if this is true.
I've been to many of the Supercenters, and they all seem about the same size to me. If there is any real difference, I'd bet it's not by much more than a few square feet at most, you know?

Although, think about it; if they honestly DO keep getting really bigger and really bigger, in fifty years or so, at the rate they build them, there'll be a Wal-Mart Supercenter you can see from space!

You'll be bussed the fifteen miles from your car to the front door where, instead of a greeter with a baskart, there'll be a conducter and a tram station with a monorail train.
"Now boarding for Men's Apparel, Ladie's Apparel and Toys!"

I can't wait!

on Mar 30, 2006

I do see differences. One near home is pretty huge, but only 2/3 the size of one near my work. You can get lost in this one... I did. I have an amazing sense of direction and got lost anyway. This walmart is bigger than one of smaller malls around here!
on Mar 30, 2006
Nah, they'll just build a trailer park near the sporting goods section, no need for busses.
on Mar 31, 2006
"The newest Wal-Mart at (latest location) has cars and boats now! We also has convenient motorized carts for rent for shopping! (driver's license required)"